How To Succeed In Music Industry

Here Are What You Need To Succeed In Music Industry

Music is the food of the soul. To be sincere, everyone wants to provide food for others souls.
Hence, there is high competition in the music industry. However, to succeed in music industry, you need to provide better if not the best music.
Popular musicians today are what they are because they have discovered a secret which I’m gonna
share. Well, in this article, I have gathered perfect strategies to succeed. No time, let’s get started.

How To Succeed In Music Industry

Set A Goal

A musician without a plan for his career is like a man traveling without a map. There is no doubt,
the man will miss his way but if he has a map, all the way!. Same applied here, to succeed in
music industry, you should set goals you would love to achieve soon or later. Put down your plans
in a paper, pray and work toward it. Boom!! You have succeeded.

Recruit Better Band

A tree can’t make a forest. Hence, you need to recruit some talented singers and instrumentalist to
work with you. Before recruiting them, set a test to know their various standard. Recruiting
backup with frog’s voice will destroy your entire career and having a bad drummer is an error. However, choose someone you can work with to achieve a common goal.

Improve Song Quality

This is probably the most important thing To Do For You To Succeed In Music Industry.
So Producing a song with high quality and not quantity should be your first priority as a musician.
Nobody wants to listen to songs that make no sense or meaning. The quality of a music has
nothing to do with long duration but great harmonic (combination of various instrument and
voices that is pleasant to the ear). When singing, make sure lyrics of the song are well said. Most
importantly, its beat should be perfect for your song. You can perhaps meet a DJ for that.

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Follow Trends

Including trending word, phrase or clause in lyrics can also boost your music. A perfect example
is a Nigerian musician named Chinko Ekun who embedded the phrase “no more insufficient
money” in his song (Able God) lyrics which has made him succeeded in music industry. The
phrase he added was popularly said by young money makers. Cultivate that habit too and you will
see the result within time.

Promote Your Songs

There is no other way to get yourself know to the public apart from promotions.

However, neglect
promotion if you wanna be a local musician, do you? I’m sure you don’t.

Thus, promote your
recorded music on popular websites (not upcoming). Although, promotion is not free, so you can
just create a Facebook page or other social media and start promoting yourself.

Get Connected

Don’t avoid audience from you. Moreover, you don’t now who might help in this career of yours,
who knows if you can get a million from there. Meeting individuals with good name will not only
earn you money, it will also boost your popularity as a musician. It should be noted that not all
songs sung by popular musicians are great, but audience still buy, sing and love the song despite
its boringness just because the composer is connected to someone they know.

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Ensure Better Reputation

Having gotten connected, the next step is to ensure you don’t lose it. Like they say, opportunity
comes but one. Hence, use it wisely. However, be humble and gentle as a dove in order not to lose
everything you have including connections and fans. Better reputation is a unique feature you
should have because it is actually your identity. Avoid acts that tarnishes ones image in the society
such as rape, stealing, smoking, etc.

Be pride-free

Yes, pride will never make you succeed in music industry. Pride goes before a fall. Thus, play with
audience (but let there be bandwidth) and be easy to find, in case someone needs your attention.

Treat Your Career Like Business

Activities that has to do with money is regarded to as business. Hence, in as much you are earning
in music industry (even if it’s low), it is now a business. Never take music with levity hand.
Compose and make improvement in songs day and night (but you can sometimes rest when tried) because audience wants to listen to your music once more.

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