importance of music in life

The most interesting opportunity animals do not have is Music. It is the greatest creation of all time by man which touches the soul and also helps man kind to sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him. The importance of music in our lives is very essential to our existence to the extent that both old and young love music.


King Maharaj during his time, listen to music just to entertainment himself. Although, It is not quiet easy for a woman or man of over 70 years to do any work. In fact, they are always advice to rest till death comes but they can perhaps sing wherever they are because music does not promote stress. However, music is what you can give to your children that will last in their entire life.


There are a lot of things that affect living things as a whole. One of the major abotic factors is music. Many thinks music is about entertainment alone but that is wrong. There are many other importance of music you don’t even know. Continue reading to get the full idea of it.


Music Enhances The Ability To Do Work

Do you feel tried at your working place or home while doing chores? Of course, yes. Since we are humans, we must get tried. Only robots work 24 hours without feeling tried. Well, I’ve got a remedy that works like magic.


The perfect way to enhance our ability to do work is by listening to music. Yes, I said music. Listening to ones favourit song (with slow voice) increases his or her capacity to the extent that he or she will not realise when all will be done. Dramatically, I applied this method when I want to wash lots of cloths. Believe me, I didn’t feel tried till I’m done. Hmm… That was no boredom moment.

Music Serves As Medicine

In psychiatric hospitals, Doctors and therapist recommend listening to music to patients who are mentally derailed. This is because emotions causes insanity due to the fact that they are angry or even lost someone they love. By so doing (listening to their favourite music), they might gradually regain their sanity.

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Nevertheless, music aid mental and personality development because the brain cells find a path to express through music. Now, you will agree with me that Arts and Music are basic human functions.

It Helps To Remember Memories

Human brain can store millions, billion and even trillions of information because it has limitless capacity. It is as easy as ABC to learn new stuffs everyday but how can we recall these things after the day is gone (that is where the problem lies). Well, with the help of music, you will be able to remember what happened in the early 90s.


However, what you remember depends on the type of music you listen to. Students who often listen to school rhymes and poems would be able to remember his or her experience in school which include teacher’s name, friends and lessons. Romantic music on the other hand can make you remember your love moments and ex-lovers. Same way, Christian songs will surely remind you of heavenly things and bible stories.

Helps To Express Yourself With Ease.

Whether you are music enthusiast or not, the best way to express ones feeling, love, anger, passion, joy and so on is simply through music Just like we explained in our last post about the secret of r&b music. William Shakespeare said, “if music is the food of love, play on”. In the real world, it is common among instrumentalists (guitarist for example) to woo or propose to a lady they love with the aid of music. She would not reject because of the heart melting song.


In addition, songs are used to pour out our mind to others while in sorrow. A problem shared is halved solved. When others listen to the lyrics, they might also render help in order to wipe away your tears.

Music Is Used Instead Of Words And Letters

Feelings are abstract noun which cannot be seen but expressed. Thus, words and letters are not good for expressing feeling.

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Moreover, it’s nearly impossible to write down everything in your mind. For this reason, voice of the singer is important to audience. Hence,  musicians express intent of their mind that cannot be written through the music they produce.

Perfect Way To Communicate Words Of Love

Searching for a way to reignite love and passion in relationship with spouse? Common try music! A steady beat music will replace all pains and negative reasonings of your partner with an everlasting love.

Music Is Used For Learning

Music is more potent instrument than any other for education –  Plato. Well, both old and young agreed with him. In addition, music provides universal opportunity for literacy proportions.


This is why children in kindergarten are often taught rhymes and poems. In most occasions, I do say that if high school students are also taught in form of music, all students would have been extraordinary brilliant. Why? Due to the fact that everybody loves music, we learn songs (lyrics) perfectly just to sing along with the singer.


So if students are been taught same way, boom!! They would grab it within seconds. Nevertheless, some brilliant students also learn stuffs with the help of music. Take this as an example. I was able to learn the first twenty (20) elements in chemistry through raping. Thank God For Music.


Also, students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. The left side of the brain is better developed with music, and songs can help imprint information on young minds.

Wrapping Up

Life is not smooth neither it is straight. Over 350 million people suffer depression on earth due some reasons. Whatever the case may be, never forget God and music because that is what can give you a better feeling. In conclusion, Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.


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