Music Industries Jobs Which You Must Know About

The music industry has a lot of job prospects which is not specific for any field  of study or talent. Yes, musicians are the people that are concentrated in the music industry, but do you know there are also financial analysts? Music industries jobs are available to almost any field of study within art and commercial.

There is a wrong misconception that one must be very famous on social media or know how to sing before he or she can get a job in the music industry, but this is way off from what music industries jobs entail. A graduate can work in the music industry with his certificate as will. Record labels and management firms in the music industry has opened the industry to many job opportunities.

It is not until you start going for shows and rolling with artistes before you can work in the musi8c industry. We have all seen people carry files all about for managers and artistes. Would you also say those people know how to write songs perfectly or they have very good knowledge of music? Not really. In fact, only a handful of them actually know anything about music.

There are record labels which are in need of financial experts, PR managers, marketers, dancers and many others. There is a reason why some artistes are more successful than other artistes. It is not always because they sing better or write the best songs. The success of a particular artiste is greatly affected by three things:

  • Fans
  • Content
  • Management
  1. Fans: Fans are without doubt the biggest cause of every artiste’s success. The fans are the ones responsible for promoting an artiste to the world. This is why most artistes give more attention to what their fans think on social media. Fans have a very big influence on an artiste’s career. A good musician usually has the most loyal fans. It is important, as an artiste, to always give your fans what they want. A fan will always refer a potential fan and this is how fan bases grow.
  2. Content: What you sing as an artiste is also very important. This is what determines the type of fans you will have. Every genre of music is good, but your content is what matters. Creativity, lyrics, beat and so on are key values of your content.
  3. Management: Yes, we have arrived at the key aspect of this post. The management is a very big deal in artiste’s career. Every management or record label must be equipped with the best professionals in the business.  The duty of the management is to do all their possible best to make sure the record label or company is working perfectly. They need only professionals in each field and they cannot settle for less so they go all round hiring as much as MSc holders in the field they are looking for.

Money is one of the most important thing in the music industry.  A financial personnel is needed at all times to take care of the financial duties of the company but there are also some needed spaces to fill like the space of a tour manager, sound engineer, video director and many others. These are some important music industry jobs that pay well.

As a music lover, there are also some available jobs for music lovers. Not only the musicians get the pay, u know. You can also make money from your favorite musician also. It takes only a few knowledge and lessons to get this done and the best part is that you do not really have to get a certificate or know someone big in the music industry before you can make money as a music lover.

Before we dive into music industries jobs, let us quickly run through some of the best jobs for music lovers.

Jobs for music lovers

There are also some jobs available for music lovers which you can easily get started on. All you need is the internet and some data subscription and you are good to go. They are:

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Ticket sales
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Blogging: Bloggers have become so rampant online these days and almost anyone can start a blog easily these days. Teenagers and adults have also engaged in this activity. As a music lover, this is one of the cool music industries jobs for music lovers. Blogging is a really cool part time job to take on. You can post about your favorite music artiste and keep getting traffic to that blog which can make you money from adverts or sponsored posts. the more viewers you get daily, the better your chances of earning if you implement the right strategies.

Vlogging: Vlogging is also known as video blogging. A lot of people watch youtube daily and so it has become a very lucrative job for music lovers. Youtubers earn from the ads displayed on their videos, but there are certain criteria you must reach before ads can display on your YouTube channel. However, having a huge amount of YouTube views has become very simple especially with the aid of keywords. You can drop a post on YouTube and see it getting a lot of views when someone search for a keyword related to that post.

Music videos and celeb gist tend to go a very long way on youtube if you don’t know. The entertainment industry has a lot of money making potentials and there are different streams of income. However, the music industry is very broad and we may say it is overcrowded so it might be difficult to get noticed. So how do you battle the crowd and get noticed in the music industry? Here are some of the best ways to do just that:

  1. Start your own brand: Most people get noticed when they are the owner of a brand than when working under someone. Do not wait for a promotion company to come and hire you. You can become a promoter on your own and get noticed. You can start by contacting some upcoming artiste in your locality and arranging a few shows for them. Start small and grow yourself into something big. From there you can decide if you want to find a job or still be your own boss promoting artistes.
  2. Get an internship: You can find a company accepting internship for people like you who love music. Finding these internship opportunities might not be as easy as you think but it surely helps to boost your connection and get to meet people in the music industry that are willing to hire you. Most companies are usually available to only college students but you can find some that are willing to take applicants as well.
  3. Be versatile: Sometimes, things may not go as expected and there might be no new artiste to promote. So what do you do? You have to diversify and get something else to do. For example, you can sell tickets and make your money or you can join a record studio and learn some basics on sound engineering. This will also help to broaden your knowledge in the music industry and create a better portfolio if you decide to finally seek for a job under a company in the industry.

So enough of the chit chats and let us quickly go into the main topic

Music industries jobs you can apply for

Below are some cool job prospects for you:

  1. Music Producer: This is one of the biggest jobs in the music industry. As a record producer, you are in charge of coach/tutoring the artiste, and also the affairs of everything going on before and during production. He directs the production process in the studio and how the track or record is supposed to sound like.
  2. A&R coordinator: The A&R coordinator is in charge of finding potential superstars and fresh talents for a record label. He is also in charge of getting new albums by fresh artistes done. The A&R coordinator also helps the A&R executive by acting as a PA. They also recruit producers and song writers. Anything relate to recruiting talents is what the A&R coordinator does.
  3. Manager: The personal manager of an artiste is like the mentor, and adviser of the artiste. He provides tips the artiste can use, gives career direction, marketing strategies and sponsorships. He is also in charge of overseeing merchandise and sponsorships. The manager also helps in promoting and representing the artiste .
  4. Sound engineer: The sound engineer sets up all the instrument needed for production. They shape the sound of an album. They record, edit and mix the sound. They choose the microphones used in recording. To get this kind of job, u must be have a lot of experience on sound technologies. Sometimes, the sound engineer may act as the producer since they are doping almost the same work.
  5. Music director: A music director at a radio station is in charge of choosing the music to be played on the radio for listeners.
  6. Tour manager: The tour manager is a very big job in the music industry. Artistes go on tour a lot, so the tour manager has to be very vigilant. The manages the transportation, clothes, schedules and anything that has to do with the artiste on tour. He also oversees the financial aspect of the tour. Tour managers are rather very busy during these times because the success of the tour depends on them. They need to plan properly
  7. Stage manager: The stage manager is in charge of all concerts and stage performances. The job of the stage manager is to ensure smooth operation of all the day to day activities of concerts and other stage performances. The music venues an halls need proper lighting, props and perfect setup which is the job of the stage manager to take care of these things.
  8. Sound Technician: Sound technicians, sound engineers and producers all have almost the same roles to perform. However, the sound technician is not limited to one record label or an artiste. Rather, the sound technician sets up the sound equipments that will be used in concerts, statges performances and others. They earn pretty good income from this job and it is one of the best music industries jobs available. They ensure that the levels and sound mixing are right.
  9. Booking agent: Seems like this is a tiring list of jobs available in the music industry. The booking agent’s job is to prepare for tour schedules and tour dates including the venues to be used during the tour. The tour period is when the booking agent gets most busy because that is their main job. However, they can also be responsible for getting gigs and bookings in local areas as well.
  10. Publicist: A publicist is like a promoter also, but only more professional. A publicist uses marketing strategies and tools in promotion. He is also in charge of the media coverage for artiste albums and new singles. He creates kits and media designs that helps to publicize an artiste.
  11. Concert promoter: Last but not least is the co0ncert promoter who is in charge of organizing events and concerts. He takes care of shows, secures the venue that will be used and is also in charge of promoting the event. The job of the concert promoter is also like the publicist job but they are more confined to concerts and stage shows also.
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Well, these are some of the best music industries jobs available. Best thing to do is to select one which you think you will be good at and then build yourself around it. The music industry is a field with various ways to make a living. You don’t necessarily need to become a music. You can as well work as the finance manager of  a record label or company. One of the best things about the music industries jobs is that you don’t need too much requirement before getting a job.

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