How to promote your music independently and grow your fan base

Every talent needs marketing. Marketing has contributed greatly to the success of so many businesses and brands. How many times have you heard a popular song and wondered how it got so popular when it is not actually worth listening to? This has to do with proper marketing. As an artiste, you must learn how to promote your music or else all your studio sessions might just go to waste.

Promotion is more than  just letting people know you exist – it also entails that you reach the right audience. This used to be a problem some years ago, but now the internet has opened us to a lot of opportunities. Now, you can reach thousands of people within an hour. The influence of the internet is something to admire.

Most entertainers have leveraged the use of the internet as a powerful promotion tool for their music. Many people have attributed the success of great artistes like Michael Jackson (King of Pop) to the fact that he was so successful when the internet had little influence on music. These days, one can barely see an artiste who does not make use of the internet and that’s why you must read on how to get your music promoted on top music blogs.

However, the internet is not the only way to promote a music. Some artistes/Musicians go as far as performing in bars, school concerts, churches etc to get audience for their music. The key to reaching thousands of people with your music is to do it the right way, using the right influencers.

Some still wonder why they need to do hard promotion for their music but there are more than countable reasons why promotion is important for your music career. The music industry is getting crowded everyday and it need massive promotion.

promote your music independently

Why should your promote your music?

There are many reasons why you should promote your music. Some of them are:

  • Create a fan base
  • Identify your audience
  • Popularity
  • Endorsement deals
  • Awards and credibility

As a good musician who knows how to promote your music, these five things are at the tips of your hands. If these are what you want for your career, then you need to know how music promotion affects each and every one of these reasons for promoting your music.

Create a fan base:

Music promotion helps an artiste to grow a fan base. Your fan base is what determines how far your music go because fans have the power to make or mar an artiste’s career. Having a large fan base is very good for every musician. It is very important to promote your music and be consistent about it. Consistency is one of the key factors of an upcoming artiste. If you are not consistent, you cannot have a large fan base. The best thing about having a fan base is the fact that you might not need to promote your music to them when you release a new song…they already know. Then it gives you the opportunity to focus on other people in the world.

Identify your audience: Music promotion is also a form of experiment. It helps you identify where your audience is coming from. Some use YouTube, some others promote on big music blogs while many others use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you know how to promote your music well, then you will also know where your audience lies. This is how top artistes are able to sell thousands of albums across the world. When you know your target audience, promotion and marketing will be easier than you expected, your can check how to succeed in music industries for more information.

Popularity: Popularity is one of the great things that comes with the perfect songs promotion. When you have the right audience and a large fan base, then popularity comes along the line. A popular artiste has an easier chance of promoting music than an unknown musician.

Endorsement deals: With popularity comes recognition. Most artistes make their first millions from endorsement deals. Everything all connects to each other. When you know how to promote your music, you increase your fan base, identify where your audience is coming from and the fame becomes another thing that comes with you. All these are what you need for big companies to recognize you as a credible artiste.


Put all these together with the right management and you are on your way to glory. It can be said that effective music promotion brings about a good music career. All these are important in an artiste’s career but making good music is the most important thing an artiste should focus on. There is no  artiste who does not have a good music to his/her name. The kind of music you sing will be judged by your potential fans and what is more important is that you introduce the world to the best version of yourself on your first trial. The debut single is always one of the reasons why some musicians are still relevant in today’s world.

Well, making good music, having a good fan base, identifying your audience, popularity and endorsement deals all contribute one way or another to the main goal – AWARDS!

Awards: An award is a very important thing in a musician’s career. An artiste without a single award in his/her entire career is just like a farmer going to the farm everyday for a year without a single harvest. Only those who have good songs get called up for award nominations. This is why it is important to put all your focus into making the right music in your genre. Whether you are a reggae musician, RnB, Pop etc, you need to feed your fans with the best version of yourself. Only this can make your promotion successful. So how do we identify the kind of music that are good and the bad ones?

How to produce good music

It is one thing to have a good promotion/marketing team, but most of the work is done by the artiste because if the song is not appealing, all the efforts of the marketing team will be in vain. Now how do you make good music?

  1. Lyrics: The song lyrics is very important. In the world today, people love lyrics that are related and have a good amount of wordplay. Using wordplay shows creativity. However, not every artiste can be that creative so it is important that you add a bit of spice to your lyrics. You can either hire a writer or get a proofreader to help access and edit anything that might seem wrong with the lyrics.
  2. Production: Your producer also has an important role to play in the making of a music. Everything needs to be in sync and the song needs to attract your listeners on the first few seconds. Most people don’t have time to listen to an upcoming artiste for long. So try as much as possible to produce a music that gets you on the right track from the first minute.

There are many other factors that affect a god music but these two are the key factors and you should put a lot of focus on them.

Now, let us dive into our main topic of the day – How to promote music online and offline

How to promote your music independently

The internet has opened a whole lot of opportunities for you to easily promote your music. The internet is the most efficient tool used in music promotion. This is because of the ease and simplicity in using the internet to market products, talents and services. The internet is also the cheapest way to market and the fastest. The internet is very efficient in promoting by letting you reach thousands of people within the shortest time. So here are the best ways to promote your music easily and independently

  1. Perform at a live concert: Performing at a live concert is the biggest way to promote a music. It starts small but is very efficient. Performing at a live concert let’s people see you for real and hear the real you. Yes, you need digital marketing to promote a music but you should not focus all your attention on the digital space. Being real is also important.
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Performing at gigs and tours gives you the chance to connect with fans and know their real reaction towards you. Get a gig at some venues, restaurants, concerts and karaoke. This will help you with your local fan base. Local fans usually give the strongest fan base. However, humans can easily forget someone so you have to make them remember you by being consistent.

Starting small is very important. Once you build a local fan base, you can head on to the big road. Local fans are usually the most loyal and can boost your career by a mile. Once the home ground is secure, you can head on to the big stage. Many upcoming artistes still neglect this style of promoting a music but they don’t know how efficient it is. You should not put all your focus online. It is important to inform your friends too about your gig so they can bring their friends along. This is how connections are made and how people get to know who you are.

  1. Social Media: It is no secret that social media is a very big tool in marketing. As an artiste, you need to develop a big social media presence on instagram, twitter or facebook. Also, you need to be consistent on social media for your followers. Always keep your fans up to date and continue feeding them with some pictures and videos about yourself. Consistency makes it easier for you to be found online. It is important for you to search for ways to improve your social media presence so you can get a high amount of followers.

Instagram and snapchat have become two of the best platforms in terms of social media promotion of visual content. You might want to make short videos of you rapping or single some lines and these are great tools to use.

Little tip – Most of your posts should be funny and engaging. Engaging content helps you gain trust and credibility from your followers. Like you see some of these top artistes do when they are in a studio session. You can make a thirty seconds or one-minute video of your studio session to post on your page and ask your followers for their thoughts.

  1. Post on a blog: You can reach out to music bloggers and have them post your song on their site. Some might be so kind to do it for free while other might collect a token. It depends on the traffic that blog is getting. If it is a blog getting hundreds of thousands of viewers daily, you might have to pay a lot of money to get your song promoted on the blog.

Since you already have a local fan base, it is high time you reached out to new people. Music blogs usually have recurring visitors who keep visiting for fresh content. So it is time to check for blogs that can promote your music and still get downloads. It is always better to go for the blogs that get comments on any music that is uploaded because that is where the honest thoughts of your listeners lie.

  1. Collaborate: Collaborations go a long way in promoting an artiste. You get to drag the fans of that artiste as you collaborate together. Many musicians use this as a way to connect with more artistes and also get more fans in a particular genre. There is a high chance you will collaborate with a musician in your genre so that can help you with more fans from that genre.


Now that is how to promote your music independently. Do a couple of research, post on blogs and perform at gigs and you will soon see yourself getting a loyal fan base. As an artiste, always keep it in mind that consistency is key, and quality music is primary to promotion.

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