At Last, The Secret To R&B MUSIC Is Revealed(Check it out)

You came across this page because you want to know the so called secret to r&b music . What it means and what it stand for….!

Don’t worry anymore; as we are going to break down and reveal to you the things you need to know about rnb songs, as far as you are willing and eager to know. Just keep reading and don’t skip any word.

1st, we are going to discuss what R&B means in music

Rhythm and blues popularly known as rnb is a genre which was originated from African American Communities earlier the year 1940s. It is made of guitars, piano, bass, drums, one or more saxophones including background vocalists a times.

Most rnb music are for expression of joy, relationships and sometimes for failure and pains. Such as Hello by Adele, turn on the lights by wizkid And many more.

What kind of music is R&B?

Like I said before at the beginning rnb music is a music genre that consists of piano,bass,guitars.

It is also an element of pop,jazz,electronic and hip-hop music.


 What makes R&B music unique?

Because it’s a combination of rhythm and blues, which are done with a silky soulful voice. Mostly use in struggle of love and sex. A times to inspire those in honey moon. And those in serious relationship.

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So I believe that rnb is a unique music genre because it’s a means to express love.

secret to r&b music


 What is the difference between R&B and Jazz?

Well for me, I’ll say that the two music genres share the same ancestry, and both of them where originated by the African American communities. Jazz was introduced late 19th century.

The only difference I can figure out is that jazz is some kind of dance hall while rnb is like a music soul.

Jazz is being played in a loud rhythmic while r&b is a kind of cool music.

R&B are mostly used for consolidating and also act like a sleeping medicine to those that find it difficult to sleep while Jazz are mostly used it a club, party house or dance halls.

 What is the best R&B song ever?

There is going to be so much debate when it comes to What is the best R&B song If All Time. Because all the top artists listed bellow are very very consistent in their carrier and that’s why I told you at the beginning not to skip any line if you want to understand and enjoy the post.

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So these are the top r&b artists of all time. 

  1.  Michael Jackson
  2.  Aretha Franklin
  3.  James Brown
  4.  Stevie Wonder
  5.  Diana Ross
  6.  Whitney Houston
  7.  Marvin Gaye
  8.  Lionel Richie
  9.  Smokey Robinson
  10.  Smokey Robinson
  11.  E.T.C

 What is the best R&B song ever?

Now, lets look into the best R&B song of all time. Since we have listed the best artists, it’s now time for the best song/tracks/music.


  1. No Diggity’ By Blackstreet
  2. Oops (Oh My)’ – Tweet
  3.  Ginuwine – pony
  4.  Candy’ – Cameo
  5. Waterfalls’ By TLC
  6.  Mariah Carey – Fantasy
  7.  Doo Wop’ – Lauryn Hill
  8.  Bootylicious’ – Destiny’s Child
  9.  Poison’ – Bell Biv Devoe

Finalising of the secret to r&b music

If you really spend your time reading this post , then by now, you might have fugue out the secret I’m talking about. But if you didn’t, here is the real secret.

Rnb music can help anybody to sleep even when their no hope of sleeping. And it’s also a means of expression especially in love and relationships.

Now, you have known the secret, why not share it with others for them to acquire knowledge also. There is love in sharing……1

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