top music blog to promote song

Hi you properbly reach this page because you are looking for the top music blog or site to promote your songs or label.

As an up coming artist, you need to promote your self somewhere so that people will get to know you better; even some popular and already made do promote their songs at the first and even now that they have made it, and that is why you also need to do so.
Though some artist promote their tracks with the power of “live performances” and also make it the major part of their promotion campaign.
but this post was made to show you blogs where you can promote your songs online.

Note: it’s not just promoting your songs but knowing the right way to do it if not, you will end up renderling your pocket empty.
So pay attention as i’m going to show you the right way and what is needed in order to get your song promoted in a tangible way.

top music blog to promote song

Why do you need to promote your music online?

Before revealing to you the best music promotion blog, let us discus the important of online music promotion.

1.) To connect with bloggers.

you need to connect with more blogger online in order to get more music downloads. why? is because the more you promote, the more you get more downloads; and the more downloads, the more popular you become; then the more popular you become, the bigger you sell. So it’s so necessary to know the top music blog to promote your songs

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2.)To reach new audience.

Yes its important to know how to promote your music to reach more audience. and doing it online is the best and easiest way.
for instance, using the social media platform to build, develop and maintain a consistence and a well engaged presence in some media like:


And for those that don’t even know how to make it in industry, kindly check our previouce post about how to succed in music industy.

Now lets show you the top music blog to promote your songs or music

After knowing the need and the important of online music promotion,

i think it’s time to reveal the top blogs.

1.) spotify

sspotify is a cool blog/website to get your music promotion, i choose them because they are one of the most valuable ecommerce site in the globe with 15,553,673 daily unique visitors, and they are ranked 115 in the world, Now listen, i call this the best way to promote music because assuming 15,553,673 visited the blog today and maybe over 11000000 people out of the 15 million+ visitors buy or downloaded your music per day, which mean your will be played by over 11 million people. and mind you, the promiotion music you made is not just for a day, though it depends on your budget.


2.) Soundcloud

This is another blog where you can promote your music free online,in this platform, you will provided with two categoryies to choose

  1. premium
  2. free account
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soundcloud has about 16,260,389 daily visitors about 1m over spotify but i choose ahead of them because they converts more interms of music buying. all you have to do is to create an accout and start uploading your musics and also try and share each song you upload to any social media shown above.


3.) Hotnewhiphop

want to get into the music industries then you properbly need visit this blog and apply for your music promotion.  They have 2,951,556 unique daily visitors and the most important thing abot them is that they do share their post on socila media with huge number of fan base.


I will also recommend naijaloaded because they have Massive Social Media Followers

Whith over 1.5m active Followers And they do share posts to their followers as well. Another reason why I personally recommend them is Strong Industry Influence. 

They have a good engagement with some stakeholders in the music industries

5.)Reddit Music

Reddit is another popular area where you can meet new people, communicate and deal with them.

In Reddit music, you don’t have to pay for you to get promoted. It only required you to upload your music and write a well written description for the track to engage more people.

Their Facebook fan base is 1,281,604 meanwhile, you still get the chance to be introduced to 1,281,604 if your post get shared.


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